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Meet Our Staff


Bauer was our most dedicated and reliable senior leader of our staff.  Although he has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, his inspiration continues in our work.  Bauer's illness provided us with a laser focus on a larger giving back mission, while allowing us to continue to help rescue organizations regularly.

Giving Back


Layla is a never ending bundle of resources, always ready to dig up new ideas! She loves to swim, which refreshes her mind to seek out difficult inspirations.  We learn many new things from our girl, Layla!  We have recently created a new collection in her honor!

The Layla Collection


Neo is our most recent addition to the team. Nicknamed 'Zoomie' for his sudden bursts of energy around the house, yard and pretty much anywhere, he is a wonderful playmate for Layla and a great part of our home security detail.

New Items

Customers Love Canine Inspired

 I couldn't have asked for a nicer product. The pillow turned out so cute. Terri spent time with me to make sure the silhouette was as close to Pearl as possible since she's a mutt and it is perfect. Would highly recommend!


Canine inspired were so helpful. I wanted my breed of soft coated wheaten terrier but didn't like the silhouette that they were using. But they were so accommodating and they were happy to try my own picture. I sent them my silhouette and they used that on the cushion cover. I adore it and it came so quickly! I will definitely be back for more once I have the colour schemes sorted for my new house! Thank you so much Canine inspired. I have been showing it off to everyone! :) and the message was just perfect.


We are so happy with our order. Before ordering, I reached out to Teri regarding an alternate pattern we were hoping to get on the pillow. She responded with a mock up the same day, and added it to the listing for us so we could order it.

We recently lost our Frenchie, and while this doesn't fill the emptiness left behind, this is a nice keepsake.

In addition to being responsive and accommodating of our request, the turnaround time on our order was incredibly fast. From the evening we ordered until the time it was delivered was maybe 5 days. Very fast considering some of the shipping times you see on domestic orders.
I cannot recommend this seller enough!


Beautiful pillow. I got it for my friend who lost her pup. She loved it. Would definitely purchase again!

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I am so happy with my custom blanket! I had Canine Inspired create a blanket from my dog and it shipped early and was better than the photo! I have since ordered 2 more items and cannot wait for those! 


Who We Are

Canine Inspired

It's no secret. We love dogs. We love nature. It's really that simple. So, when we decided to share our designs, it was only natural that we share what we loved and what we knew others would love as well.

Questions we are asked most often-

What are your favorite dog breeds? Well we are partial to large dogs but we really have not met a dog we do not love.

Why do you only create dog items and nothing for cats? We are dog people but we are animal lovers. However, because dogs are "our thing", we wanted to focus on what we know.