Coronavirus: Do NOT abandon your dog

Coronavirus is causing panic in many people.  However, panicking helps nobody get through this difficult time.  Our dogs feel our unease and uncertainty and they want to be closer to us, not shoved aside.  As I read through the news, I have begun to see news articles where people are abandoning their dogs.  I truly do not get this ideology.  Not only does it make me very, very sad, it makes me very angry.

1.  Our dogs depend on us for EVERYTHING.  Food, shelter and love.  Do not abandon them because you feel uncertain about things.  They are uncertain too.  You took in your dog to give him/her a better life. 

2.  Know your facts.  The CDC has never said the COVID-19 is spread through dogs.

3.  If you do become ill, loving on your dog will help you heal much faster.  This is a known fact that any dog owner can tell you.  Cancer survivors can attest to it.  Dogs are given to people returning from combat to help with PTST.. Long term care facilities often use dogs as therapy for their patients. Dogs love and dogs help with healing. 

4.  If you truly feel you cannot financially care for your dog anymore, reach out to someone to help you before just abandoning him or her. 

Dogs are very attached to their owners.  They love in a way we do not truly understand.  They grieve when owners leave.  Having them beside us through this time is going to help us and it will help them.  The bond will only grow stronger between us. 

On the other side of that, if you are in a position to adopt a dog during this time, please do so.  Shelters will need to be in a locked down position from visitors.  Dogs will be limited in exposure to potential adoption.  Reach out as you can and give a dog a safe and happy home.      

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