Ultimate Dog Owners Guide: How To Take Great Photos of Your Dog

Photography and Dogs

Let’s face it, dogs are not always the easiest subjects to photograph. They are either running, panting, licking, biting at themselves or closing their eyes when you least expect it. And if you have a solid white or solid black dog, well, add that to the challenge too. But here are some winning tips for how to get great shots of your dog. 


1.  Patience is a virtue. Wait for little Lula to settle. The more you tell her to be still the more she will squirm. Be ready with a camera or smart phone and when she settles down for a nano second, click away. 

2.  Give a Little Bit.  Treats, we mean! A dogs gotta have em and so do you! Hold those treats up just out of reach and you can get some amazing shots. Be sure to reward and say, “good girl” after a few seconds so you do not risk a jumping dog or wandering dog. Remember that your dog LOVES to be rewarded and sometimes he or she just wants to hear your voice letting him or her know what a great job she's done.  

3.  Get down girl! Seriously, get down - To your dog’s eye sight level for some incredible photos with personality. Nobody said this was a clean job so be prepared! 

4. You can never have too many photos.  After all, there is this magical button that we call DELETE.  If you find photos that are blurry, out of focus or just not what you want, you can simply delete them (like I do, ALL THE TIME) and take more.  This is the best way to truly get the photos you want from your dog (or anything else you photograph). 

Taking photos of your dog is a wonderful bonding time. It provides you one on one time with him with an opportunity to reward and love on him for being the great subject. You will come away with some wonderful memories and those memories can be made into wall prints, home decor items or just viewed on you laptop!  Love to hear your thoughts on how these simple points turned out! 

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  • What a cute dog! :) Great tips!

    Kelsey Thomas

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